Low Prices on all Garage Door related Products and Services, 100% Guarantee

* Indicates that job will require visual inspection/site visit for accurate pricing

* Payment due at time services are rendered

SERVICE RATES: $75.00-$110.00 (depending on travel distance)

SPRING REPAIR: 1 spring = $170.00; 2 springs = $250.00. (Other companies start at $200 for 1 spring and $450 for 2 springs)
​NOTE: If you have 2 springs on your door and only 1 breaks, other companies will only replace the broken spring and wait for the other one to break - typically within 3 months - so they can charge you twice. We will advise you to replace both at the same time to save you money, but the decision is ultimately yours.

*DOOR INSTALLATION: We generally install Amarr garage doors but we can provide any brand you want.

*DOOR/PANEL REPAIRS: Someone back into or run into your garage door? Depending on the size of your door and how many panels are damaged, as well as the age of the door, it is possibe that you only need to replace the damaged panels and not the entire door. However, if replacing only the damaged panels will cost at least half the price of a new door, we will give you pricing options for both and let you decide on which option best meets your needs.

*MOTORS/OPERATORS: We generally install Liftmaster operators, but we can provide any brand you want. If you need repairs on an operator which can be done at minimal cost, we will repair it. However, if it will cost as much as a new motor we will tell you. Why pay for a new operator and have the same old motor?